Massage Treatments Utopa Spa

Massage Treatments at Utopia Spa, Isle of Wight

perfect to unwind & de-stress - essential for your health & wellbeing


When the time comes that you need to unwind, Utopia Spa has a massage to suit your every need.
Lie back and indulge in a wonderfully relaxing massage, specially tailored to suit you. A range of treatments have been created to provide the perfect tonic allowing your mind and body to truly relax.

"Thank you for my excellent massage. This was the best I have ever had. I wish I lived locally so I could come again next week! I feel very relaxed now and ready to enjoy my stay on the Isle of Wight . Thanks" Gill Hollick

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 Minutes - £30

Feel the tension melt away with this relaxing massage, Perfect for this most troublesome area.

Full Body Massage 55 Minutes - £50

-REVIVE A gentle, rhythmical massage promoting Lymphatic Drainage, helping to eliminate excess water retention. Essential if you are looking for a detox massage.

-RELAX Traditional Swedish massage techniques, using firm pressure to ease tension and stimulating movements to soothe aching muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and revived.

-REPAIR A vigorous and effective massage that works deep into your muscle to relieve and repair. Specialised techniques are used on specific areas to correct over-worked and stressed muscles.

Aroma Essential Massage (additional 15 Minutes ) £8.00

Why not add the power of essential oils to any of the above Massages. Maximise the benefits of your treatment with a unique blend to suit your specific needs and awaken your senses.

Nourishing Scalp Massage 25 Minutes - £30

Let the tension melt away around your shoulders, neck & scalp while you drift into deep relaxation. Combining Indian Head Techniques with warm oil this calming treatment will help to nourish and soothe the scalp.

Thai Foot Massage 40 Minutes - £45

Using a blend of powerful therapeutic essential oils, a combination of massage, stretching and acupressure will be used to stimulate reflexology points and open energy channels, leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

Hot Stone Therapy 40 Minutes (Back, Neck & Shoulder) - £35

85 Minutes (Full Body & Scalp) - £70

Treat your body to this Deep tissue massage, using the heat of volcanic stones to melt away stresses and strains leaving your mind and body in a state of complete relaxation.

How to Book Your Massage Treatment at Utopia Spa

Call Utopia Spa now to book in for a massage on 01983 300444